Our Company

Is a provider of medical equipment to clinics and diagnostic centers

Our Company offers equipment for operating departments, diagnostic rooms, first aid services, intensive care and other units.

The Company supplies systems and equipment for:

  • Ultrasound, MRI, CT imaging
  • Radiation diagnostics
  • Surgery and sterilization
  • Resuscitation
  • Anesthesia
  • Infusion
  • Patient monitoring and for other purposes.

For our Company no trade-offs are admissible as regards preservation of health, therefore the Company’s portfolio includes only the world’s renowned brands with an impeccable reputation:

To offer to our customers the most advanced equipment "directly from the assembly line” at the lowest possible prices due to direct partnerships with the manufacturers.

To observe the tight deadlines of deliveries and to organize business processes efficiently — no business can afford to spare the time.

In relationships with our customers to be maximally honest and offer them realistic, economically viable options, even within a modest budget. For the customers who need tailor-made solutions to deliver equipment with truly premium characteristics.

Geography of deliveries

The Company is able to fill any order and deliver equipment to a customer in any locality. Our operations are not limited to the European part of Russia, but extend from the Northwestern to the Far Eastern Federal Districts. Our products are in operation both in large cities and in small regional centers.

When organizing a medical equipment delivery we take into account all shipping guidelines so that a customer receives the order in an impeccable condition. We also work with the shipping companies at the customer’s choice.


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